Shades and Blinds

People often refer to shades and blinds as the same product, using the terms “shades” and “blinds” interchangeably. The purpose for each is to provide privacy, block light, reduce the solar effects of the sun, and, of course, to provide a pleasant appearance. From a custom design perspective, there is a difference. Although Made in […]

Window Coverings

The windows in our homes provide us with a view of our communities, landscape, nature, and the weather. They are portals of light into our castles and serve as a canvas for whatever may be just beyond the glass. For many, that canvas captures mountain tops, a city skyline, an orchard of fruit trees, children […]


Draperies might provoke negative window covering impressions for many of us.  We remember the many layers of heavy, old-fashioned draperies our grandparents or parents hung in the main room, often shrouding windows to the point that even getting to the window was a challenge.  Just the mere use of the word “drapery” makes many of […]

Window Covering Selections

Covering windows is expensive, even when we seek to remain economically conservative.  Covering the numerous windows in homes today can represent a substantial investment.  We want our window covering selections to reflect our taste, beautify our homes, and coordinate well with our furnishings, floors, paint or wallpaper.  When considering your window covering selections, there is […]

Solar Shades Reduce Heat

Do you feel it? That’s right, summer is just around the corner! Soon those hot rays of sun will be flooding into your home. One of Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia’s favorite window coverings for controlling those damaging rays of sun, while still adding color and style, are solar shades. Solar shades reduce […]