Window Coverings on a Budget

Selecting Window Coverings for your cherished home or business almost always translates into a significant investment.  Whether you prefer shutters, shades, blinds, or draperies, maximizing the power of your hard-earned dollar should always be the focus.  We understand how tough times are, so when our clients need window coverings on a budget, we are there to help find the right mix of value and fashion.

Window Shade

Solar Shades, Arlington, VA Graber

Value over Cost

Very often consumers think of total cost over value, which is understandable when selecting which bookbag to purchase for a child, but it may not be the smart move when selecting window coverings.  Window coverings on a budget is the theme, but we recommend a value strategy.  A strategy that covers windows with products our clients desire and that stand the test of time.

Phased Approach

One way to end up with higher quality window coverings is to purchase them in phases.  Many homeowners prefer draperies or shutters, and other high-end window coverings.  They simply do not wish to settle for less, but they do not have the budget to cover all their windows.

We often encourage clients to select 20% to 25% of their windows as a starting point.  This is especially true with new homeowners having to frequently cover as many as 20 to 40 windows.  Clients are urged to select their preferred coverings for some windows and go with much lower cost items in less important areas.  Even paper shades provide privacy and light control in the short term.

Bedrooms for example are often high on the priority list since they frequently demand the highest levels of privacy and light control.  Windows located in places where privacy and light control are not critical may get delayed in favor of bedrooms and family meeting areas.

Norman’s 2 inch pure white faux wood blind. Fairfax, VA

Norman’s 2-inch pure white faux wood blind. Fairfax Norman

Warranty Adds Value

Consumers should insist on products with lengthy warranties.  This ensures that manufactures and installers carry the burden of product value for a period.  Warranties should cover manufacturer defects as well as cord integrity and color reliability.  Additionally, consumers should be sure to select sellers and installers that have a good reputation for post-sales support.  The last thing you need is a seller that doesn’t answer the phone after the sale.

Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia

Regardless of your window covering budget, Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia can help with selecting the ideal window coverings on a budget.  We predominately serve Prince William County, Fairfax County, and Loudoun County in Northern Virginia.  Give us a call at 703-330-6487 or look us up on the web at Made in the Shade NoVA.  We take all the time you need to choose your perfect window coverings from the comfort of your home.