faux iron grilles adorn the transom window

Faux Iron Grilles for Home and Garden

Many homes today are built with highly sought-after architectural features like two story foyers, two story great rooms, transom windows, arched windows, and wall features like arched alcoves or recessed spaces.  While we love these features, they can often present challenges when it comes to decorating, or ensuring privacy, or providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays. You may wish to consider faux iron grilles to address these design challenges.

 At Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia, we welcome the challenge and work with you to find your perfect solution.  Tableaux’s Faux Iron Grilles offer an architectural masterpiece for each of these areas of your home or office.  Adding Faux Iron Grilles to window arches with or without solar shading can convert a window into a work of art.  Need something to make that two-story wall the envy of your neighborhood?  Add Faux Iron Grille panels to the wall with or without decorative wood trims and transform the character of the room or stairway.

 Using Faux Iron Grilles in Your Home

Faux Iron Grills are made of plastic, metal, or wood and can be used indoors or outdoors.  They can be mounted directly to the wall, the ceiling, a door, and can even function to partially or fully separate one space from another.  There are dozens of styles to choose from and nearly as many colors.  Whether you want to create the illusion of real iron bars over windows, or a more subtle artistic white flowered design on the ceiling, Tableaux’s Faux Iron Grilles can fulfill your decorative desire.

 Where and how to use these Faux Iron Grilles is limited only by the imagination.  With Faux Iron Grilles, the ceiling over a kitchen island is transformed from a flat surface to a space with depth and design, prompting visitors to glance upward.  Impossible to reach windows in a two-story family room are converted into artful gateways that serve to beautify, while protecting floors and fabrics from the sun’s rays.  That recessed wall space on the main stairs is transformed from a perplexing blank area to a decorative faux window, likely enchanting the young and the young at heart.


Most assuredly, there are very few home and office decorating solutions available that can so effectively transition a room’s character.  That is why Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia so proudly offers these unique decorating solutions for our customers.  For a free consultation, call us at 703-330-6487 or find us www.madeintheshadenova.com.