Plantation Shutters and Architecture

Plantation Shutters excel well beyond many other window coverings at adapting to architectural trends. Shutters are made to fit almost any sized and shaped window.  They are mounted inside the trim if enough space exists, or outside the trim. Shutters are available in a myriad of paint colors and stains and offer numerous functional options.

Shutter louvers can tilt with the traditional tilt-bar or by gently adjusting one of the louvers to open or close them all. Louvers can be stationary, which is a good option for those second story unreachable windows. Louvers installed in two-story foyers can be made to open and close even if they are too high to reach easily, motorized louvers with timers to close the shutters during hot and sunny periods of the day are wonderful additions. They can even be reopened to invite the light and restore the view.

So, you like plantation shutters, but they just do not darken the room as much as you like. The fact is, shutters effectively reduce the light but even the very best shutter permits some light. Why not consider shutters with a room darkening shade behind them? This way you achieve the timeless architectural appearance of a shutter, with the function of black-out shades for the bedroom or theatre room.

Very often today’s windows are installed in homes with no trim around the window.  Windows are finished with drywall wrapped corners and a windowsill.  Adding shutters to these windows can create a more traditional framed look, and even provide a more decorative sill appearance.  Shutters cover sliding glass doors, and can even be installed on French doors, or even used as a door.

Looking for an adaptable, functional, and timeless window covering for your home?  Shutters may be Shutters may be the right solution for you. At Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia, we wait to start working with you to determine how custom-made shutters might transform and beautify your home, and even enhance its resale value.  Call us or email us at 703-330-6487 or