Shutter Envy

Thinking of shutters?  They are arguably the most esteemed window covering throughout the centuries; thus, you have always wanted them.  Adding them to your home is likely to stir up shutter envy in the neighborhood, to put it another way, wouldn’t they be stunning across the front of your house?


Shutters are much more affordable than most consumers think, especially when compared to other window coverings.  When a quality, well-built shutter is purchased and installed correctly, it should last fifty years or more, after all who can say that about a cellular shade or Faux wood blind?  Their durability is legendary, and their decorative appeal is unrivaled.


Which of us hasn’t noticed that home on the corner with shutters in every window, enticing us to envision our own home with similar style?  Shutters create a sense of warmth and safety; the panels soften the sounds, and the louvers dim the lights.  Their architectural structure closes us in like the gates of the castle, all is secure.

Shutters are highly versatile in that they can be made to fit on almost any window.  They come in a wide variety of shapes and materials and offer many options that will enhance the function and visual appeal.  Some of those options include louver size, color, panels without louvers, motorization, split tilt, ring pulls, and many more.


Shutters are manufactured with various materials, the most common are wood, composite materials, and plastics.  Wood shutters are not all equal, some manufactures reduce cost by using soft woods, which tend to fail much earlier.  Consumers are encouraged to research the materials used in the making of any wood shutters before buying.

Composites and plastics make up a good portion of the shutters sold today.  Composites are plastics that are strengthened with fibers or other particulates to improve strength and stiffness.  These materials are ideal for areas where humidity or dampness are concerns.  Composite and plastic shutters are less expensive, but the cost delta between these and wood shutters is diminishing.

Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia

Regardless of what material you choose, shutters will enhance the aesthetic beauty of a single room or an entire home.  At Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia we offer some of the finest shutters in the world.  Let us help you determine what shutter style and material type that would work best for you and fit comfortably within your budget.  Give us a call at 703-330-6487 or look us up on the web at MITSNOVA.  We will take all the time you need to choose your perfect window coverings, all from the comfort of your home.