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Rainier Awnings
Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Awnings by Rainier

Very often, outdoor spaces such as decks and patios are the preferred location for social gatherings, celebrations, or just relaxing with friends or family.  To protect those spaces from the sun, especially in the summer months, we need an affordable and flexible solution.   To achieve this, we recommend the Rainier Retractable Awning installed and serviced by Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia.

Rainier Awning Features:

  • Multitude of colors and patterns (including Sunsetter fabrics)
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Motorization or manual operation
  • Wall or roof mounted
  • Protective aluminum
  • Wind sensor automatically retracts the awning when the wind picks up
  • Cooling shade with touch of a button
  • Control awning with app on phone or tablet
  • Heavy gauge aluminum and stainless-steel construction
  • Made in America
  • 10 year limited warranty