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The windows in our homes provide us with a view of our communities, landscape, nature, and the weather. They are portals of light into our castles and serve as a canvas for whatever may be just beyond the glass. For many, that canvas captures mountain tops, a city skyline, an orchard of fruit trees, children playing, or your favorite springtime flowers. Whatever the view, window coverings develop your home’s character, whether with shutters, draperies, shades, or blinds.

It has been said that our eyes are the windows into our souls. It makes sense then that what we take into our eyes might affect our opinions, our moods, or our feelings. If there is any truth to this, then it makes sense that the windows in our homes might have a similar impact on the soul or character of our homes.

Windows coverings are not often considered the main attraction in one’s decor, however, they do contribute notably to the style of a room, offering theme, color, and design. Other components of style and mood found in a room that serve a similar purpose might be paint color, carpet style and color, furniture, accent pillows, art, mirrors (especially their frames), and lighting.

An example of this might be a room with an Elizabethan style. In such a room, the furniture might be ornate, perhaps with gold leaf on the wooden arms; the floors might be marble or hardwood; the art might be 16th century prints with gold leaf frames, and finally the windows might be adorned with heavy drapery, laden with ornamental trim. To enter such a room, would be like stepping back 500 years into the past.

The point here of course is not to overlook window coverings when deciding the decor for a room or your entire home. Windows can and should play a vital role in developing your preferred style, ensuring they are reinforcing the design, atmosphere, and mood you are seeking to render.

Let us say that you are seeking to create a room that portrays your love of the outdoors. In that case, you might select coloring that includes browns, tans, greens, and sienna tones. The components of style we spoke about earlier might include hardwood floors, predominately wood furniture, art depicting wildlife or natural scenery. For windows in a room with this type of ambiance, you might select a natural woven shade, perhaps a few tones darker or lighter than the other woods in the room.

Not a fan of natural shades? Too earthy for you? How about shutters? Shutters are arguably the most versatile window covering in the industry. They are at home in the most proper and pristine settings where white wicker furniture and deep red accents dominate the landscape as well as in a dusky basement game room where the pool table, poker table, and wine bar dominate the space. There just is not a space in your home where shutters would not look outstanding, and they add value to your home!

Perhaps you are a bit more progressive and 21st century minded. You like crisp, clean lines, and you want your window coverings to reflect your tech savvy style. Given that, you might be thinking motorized roller or solar shades perfectly synchronized to raise and lower on your masterfully orchestrated schedule, or by just asking Alexa to raise your shades. Today’s solar and roller shades come in numerous colors, materials, and styles. They are sleek and offered in room darkening materials for those Saturday morning slumbers, or sheers to help sustain a view, and everything in between.

Let’s talk about aluminum blinds. This option would contribute notably to a preferred style such as when looking for clean lines – the glint of metal on furniture, the classic look of checkered tile flooring, or the latest in epoxy flooring. Aluminum blinds can provide the perfect accent and can deliver color and light control. Aluminum blinds are also one of the most economical window coverings in the industry.

If you are decorating or redecorating your home, or even just one room, you should call Made in the Shade of Northern Virginia. We would like nothing more than to assist you in finding the perfect style, because window coverings develop your home’s character. Regardless of the view from your windows, Made in the Shade can help you achieve your favorite style. We carry them all – shutters, draperies, shades, or blinds.  The possibilities are endless! Whatever your preference, we are excited to help you create your unique style.

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